HVAC Services for Commercial and Residential Clients

ACR Mechanical Ltd. has an experienced team that handles installations, repairs, and maintenance for HVAC systems. We will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Metered Kits

The three major steps used to achieve proper operation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are testing, adjusting, and balancing. We are your best option if you are looking for professionals with high-quality HVAC tools to install, test, adjust, and balance HVAC systems.

Heating and Cooling

Air Conditioning

Most air conditioning systems should be inspected by an expert to ensure that they are operating correctly and safely. Through proactive maintenance, you can save on utility bills and increase the life span of your equipment.

Our team wants the process of replacing your air conditioner to be easy, so we will explain all your options before starting repairs. By examining all the possibilities, you can decide what is best for you.

We provide professional cleaning, adjustment, and safety check on all types of air conditioning equipment to maintain peak performance, safety, and reliable operations.
Our company also offers free estimates for our replacement services. With our expertise, we ensure to provide quality work the first time around.


Packaged Units (Heating and Air Conditioning)

Rooftop Units and Condo Units

With a rooftop package unit, all the components are housed in one cabinet stored on the top of the building. The unit connects directly into the building’s ventilation system to circulate the air.

Rooftop units are configured either as heat/air conditioners or as a heat pump capable of both heating and cooling. It can control humidity and permit the ventilation of fresh air into the system - a benefit that split systems do not have.

These units are a great asset for increasing indoor air quality and come in various types and sizes. To select the ideal unit to install, trust our professionals to help you make the right choice.

Ductless Split Systems

These are efficient and are able to provide consistent room comfort. A ductless split system, in its most basic form, includes one outdoor and indoor unit connected by refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring.

The indoor unit is often wall-mounted. It delivers heated or cooled air directly into the living space—no ductwork needed. This makes the indoor unit less vulnerable to air leakage and security problems. They are less visible, audible, and exceedingly energy-efficient.


This sits uniquely at the crossroads of savings, environmentalism, and conservation. Geothermal units are the perfect solution, whether you want to liberate yourself from dependence on fossil fuels or just want to stop wasting money.

A reliable technology, geothermal systems can run for a long time with little maintenance. It works in almost any climate and uses renewable energy, reducing your carbon footprint.

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

These heating systems use the outside air as the heat source and the indoor air as the heat sink. The system can be reversed during the summer to enable cooling. Let us asses your project and determine the best solution to fit your heating and cooling needs.


Most heating systems require routine maintenance to maximize performance, maintain efficiency, and ensure safety. Our professionals are qualified to do the cleaning, adjustment, and safety check to help maintain the quality and effectiveness of heating systems, such as:

  • Oil and Gas Furnaces
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Unit Heaters
  • Boilers
  • Fan Coils
  • Garage Heaters
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Water Heaters

We offer complete water heater repair and installation services. Our experts are experienced in handling tank and tankless water heaters, as well as storage water heaters.

Ventilation Systems

Humidifiers or Dehumidifiers

When there is too little moisture in the air, a humidifier works to combat dry indoor air by adding humidity, bringing your space up to the correct humidity level. In contrast, dehumidifiers are a low-maintenance way to keep your entire space dry, healthy, and comfortable.

Although high humidity is most often a problem in basements and crawl spaces, excess moisture can rise and infiltrate your entire space. This can cause pest problems, mold and mildew growth, and possibly lead to allergy symptoms. Whether your ventilation technology is portable or connected with your HVAC system, we will provide you with the right solution.

Heat Recovery Ventilation and Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems

HRVs transfer heat while ERVs transfer moisture and heat. We will assess your needs to determine which ventilation system best meets your unique needs.

Air Filtration Systems

The air inside your home can be more polluted than the air outdoors. Dust, pet dander, allergen, and airborne pathogens can all recirculate throughout your space. Rely on our team to help you decide what type of air filtration system works best.

Gas Piping (Propane or Natural Gas)

If your property doesn’t have a practical location for a propane tank, you can have it placed underground. Our company has a skilled team that is equipped to handle your propane gas needs. We will help with underground gas pipes and gaskets, as well as repair and replace older gas lines.

Our team works in accordance with current safety codes and standards, leak testing requirements, as well as cathodic protection testing protocols. Let us evaluate your site so we can develop a comprehensive plan for your repair or installation.

Other Services

We will also help you install the following technologies, so you can maximize your HVAC systems.

UV Light

The advantage of using ultraviolet light for the HVAC system is its sterilizing property that helps disinfect the air we breathe.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This device sounds an alarm when it identifies a certain amount of carbon monoxide gas in the air to prevent poisoning.

Thermostats (Wireless and Wi-Fi)

A component that senses the temperature of HVAC systems, thermostats perform actions so that the equipment maintains a desired set point temperature.

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